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Michael Faraday's World
A Very Brief History of Michael Faradays Life
Faraday's Inventions
Faraday's Religion
Faraday Artifacts

"What is the good of a new born baby" Faraday

Michael Faraday was born on  22nd September 1791 into a poor family and made a name for himself through science. His greatest achievements include the invention of the electric generator, the dynamo and the electric motor. He was offered the presidency of the Royal Institution but he declined as he was a humble man who took no delight in taking centre stage. His inventions have made many things possible and have made him a very respected man.


Interesting Fact
Towards the end of his life Faraday spoke out against spiritualism at a spiritualism lecture at the Royal Institution called Mental Education. Prince Albert who was also a critic embraced and congratulated Faraday afterwards.

I would like to thank the BBC website, the Royal Institution and the Spartacus Schools website for most of the information on this site.